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Privacy Policy

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Tempting holidays understands that your privacy belongs to you and only you. The team of tempting holidays therefore makes sure that your personal information is safe with us and not sold or distributed to any third parties. The basic information collected by us is strictly for the professional reasons and, is solely aimed at providing you the best experience.

Do we sell your information?

The information collected by us is in no way sold and distributed to third parties. You can be rest assured that your personal information here will be used to serve you with our best of products and services. Only basic and essential information is collected and is secured through a water tight server.

Do we send Emails?

We do not sell email addresses of our clients under any circumstances. The emails are sent to you are directly related to our products, services and inquiries. You can also receive regular newsletters of latest offers and deals through emails.

Frauds, Forgery and Law Enforcement:

The team of tempting holidays strictly believes in creating a safe environment for you to enjoy our products and services. In special cases or criminal matters, the company might be subjected to disclose your personal information. We strictly work under the law, cooperating with the law enforcement agencies; if needed.

By accepting the terms and services of the privacy policy, you agree that your data can be shared in special cases and for promotional activities sometimes. The emails sent to you will be strictly regarding our products and services and in no case, you will be spammed. The company is a developing entity and is not responsible for future changes that might happen in the areas of concern.