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Houseboat Packages in India

In India, one can enjoy mesmerising houseboat experiences on the backwaters of Kerala and Srinagar. The house boats in the backwaters of Kerala are a major tourist attraction which attracts millions of tourists every year. The houseboats in Srinagar are majorly stationary while those in Kerala are popular mode of sightseeing.

The houseboats vary in sizes and degree of luxury close to that of a luxury hotel. The boats have nice furniture, fine carpets, modern bathroom fittings, standard balcony, lounge, dining room, living room, kitchen, pantry and 3 or more bedrooms. There is even a houseboy assigned for every standard boat.

Tempting Holiday provides great deals and offers to celebrate your holiday spirit with houseboat spectacle. The company has ties with all the major suppliers in Srinagar and Kerala and makes sure you get the best of both worlds, by booking a great holiday package along with a great and serene houseboat stay.

So get your own houseboat experience with tempting holiday and book your holiday package now.